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Teriyaki Chicken

Marinated Chicken on a Heaping Bed of White Rice Drizzled with our own Teriyaki Glaze.

Homemade Lasagna

A Dinner staple over the years, Mom’s cheesy meat lasagna is made right here! But grab it while it’s hot! We typically sell out!

Chicken Taquitos

AKA: “Crack Chicken” – Slow cooked chicken breast with seasoning and cheese rolled into taquitos makes this an easy reheat for dinner, lunch or at work!

Baked Chicken Cups

Our Chicken Cups come in an edible cup made from a gluten free crust shaped in a muffin tin and are filled with our “crack chicken” which is slowed cooked with seasoning and various cheeses. One bite and you’ll be “cracking”-a smile!

Cheese Quesadilla

Keeps the Kids Happy with a Cheesy Quesadilla

Chickpea Bruschetta

Healthy Option and GF! Chickpeas, sun dried tomatoes & the perfect balance of herbs & seasonings!


Tortilla Chips, Shredded Cheese, Nacho Cheese, and your choice of other tasty toppings!

Chili Bowl

Mom’s Homemade Chili topped with Cheese (sour cream optional).

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